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j.w. julian

J.W.  Julian

Author and Illustrator

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.”                                                                            Mark Twain

J.W.  Julian is the author of "Ebby The Magnificent," an inspirational and thoughtful illustrated fantasy adventure for readers aged 8 to 108 seeking an exciting and heartwarming story about happiness, kindness, and friendship.

Praise & Reviews


"Ebby the Magnificent is truly an amazing work of art and a pleasure to read."

Ralph T.

"A baby bunny goes on an advancher helping other creachers and shows them kindness and frendship." Ebby the Magnificent is "Highly recommended."

Erasmus, Age 10

"I was really delighted by Ebby the Magnificent. The story feels well developed, and by the time Ebby gets home, the reader definitely feels that the adventure was well-earned. The layout is just gorgeous and the color and images, interspersed with text, give it a magical feel.  And what a sweet and powerful message.


I think Ebby the Magnificent would make a wonderful, reassuring read-aloud to younger children. It provides a level of adventure and excitement without being “stressful."

Julie Mathison, Award-winning author of YA Novels "Believe", "The Starlet Letter", "Vasilisa", and "Elena the Brave"

"[The] art is really beautiful and is such an asset to the text of Ebby the Magnificent. . . . All of  [the] illustrations perfectly show Ebby’s world."

"The story is really great, too. Ebby is such a great main character and you really want to go along on this fun, open-minded bunny’s adventures."

Tiffany Brooks, YA Author of  "The Girl Who Knew Too Much"

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