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Ebby the Magnificent, written and illustrated by J.W. Julian, has been earning rave reviews from readers and crit(ter)ics alike! The book is a heart-warming tale of a baby bunny's journey to discover friends and adventure. It has been praised for its loveable characters, its gorgeous full-color illustrations, and its delightful plot. Readers have particularly enjoyed the positive messages and life lessons the story conveys and the fact that there is no violence or cruelty in the book. If you're looking for a feel-good read with plenty of charm, Ebby the Magnificent is definitely worth checking out. Don't just take our word for it, these are actual reviews from actual crit(ter)ics.

"EveryBunny's reading Ebby the Magnificent!" 

Bunny World Monthly


"Quit Dragon your feet--get Ebby the Magnificent. It's magical, like me." 

Puff and Stuff Magazine

"You would be NUTS if you think Ebby the Magnificent is Squirrely! Get your Fox straight!" 

Daily Nuts Digest


"Don't BUG me, I'm reading Ebby the Magnificent. It's SPOT on!" 

Ladybug's Home Journal


"J. W. Julian's description of Chip was so realistic and full of chipmunkery, I felt like I could taste the nuts he was chewing and had already met him under a picnic table somewhere." 

Burrowing News


"Olm is where the heart is. If you don't know what an olm is, you better read Ebby the Magnificent!" 

Solomon Press

"Ebby the Magnificent is UDDERLY fascinating! The story about Bud Der and Ud Der really MOOved me." 

Morning Milk News

"Sofia and Ebby's adventures took my breath away. I have been searching my whole life for a story like this. Thank you J.W. Julian for bringing dragons to new heights!" 

The Weekly Dragon

Zmaj and PeCon without background_edited.png

"You OTTER read Ebby the Magnificent! Your KITS will love it!"

The Rock and Oyster Plain Dealer

"Critters of every stripe or spot agree Ebby the Magnificent is for everyone!" The Fuzzy Beat

"Ebby the Magnificent made Yummy Yellow Flowers  and Dragon Fruit the Breakfast Must-Haves in the Land of Stones!" 

Bun Appetite  

Critteric 3_edited_edited.png
Critteric 1_edited.png
Critteric 2_edited.png
Critteric 4_edited.png

"The Crit(ter)ics are CROWING about Ebby The Magnificent! Read what all the Racket is about!"

The News Coop

"I am positively APE about Ebby the Magnificent and I'm not just MONKEYING around! This book is BANANAS!"

The Swinging Times

"EWE won't be able to put this book down, and we're not pulling the WOOL over your eyes! It's a great bed time story--better than counting us!" The Woolen Mill Journal

"We won't be LION to you if we told you Ebby the Magnificent is a ROARING success!"

Jungle News 

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