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"Ebby the Magnificent, Tails of an Elusive Baby Bunny" Deluxe limited-edition heirloom quality hardback full-color version is only available through this website or direct in-person sales, and in limited independent bookstores in the Portland-Vancouver area. Magnificent features of this book include a luxurious padded cover, full-color map of The Land of Stones on the inside front and back covers, purple silk bookmark ribbon and heavy weight matte-finish pages. Over 80 paintings produced in opulent color and exquisite detail.  Only 1500 of this First Edition book are available in the United States. Autographed by J. W. Julian.


"Ebby the Magnificent" Deluxe Hardback First Edition

  • Ebby is not an ordinary bunny. She's an Elusive Baby Bunny. Kindness, bravery, and curiosity are all she needs when she sets out to find where the sun goes at night. Soon her journey turns into an epic search for a magical creature with whom to share her adventures. Ebby touches the lives of everyone she meets in uplifting, humorous, and heart-warming ways, and in the most unexpected places.

    This inspiring and gorgeously illustrated adventure story by J. W. Julian in her debut novel is for children of all ages and the people who love them. Ebby the Magnificent offers stirring tales about friendship, adventure, and travel for children and adults alike, with over 80 full-color paintings to bring the story to life.

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